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Share your adventure with everyone right here!

Your feedback made us who we are today. Tell us how your trip went and how we can improve. This is a safe place for all, like a journal to share with everyone in this community. Join in and invite all to come!

Your stories shared!

  1. Teacher, Ottawa Carleton DSB Post author

    What a fantastic trip! Thanks for organizing it for us! Our guides were excellent and everything went smoothly.
    Take care and thanks again,

  2. St Mary's French Immersion Teacher

    Just have to comment on Christine Fortin our guide this week. What an excellent job she did with our students. She knew her stuff no doubt about it. She was friendly with the staff and the students. She made our trip so much more fun by stating facts and stories about the places we visited in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa. St Mary’s French Immersion grade 8 students were lucky to have her. If I was to book a trip in the future I would not hesitate to call her.

  3. Ms. Callahan

    I want to thank you and the Perspectives team for all your help on our trip. Our guides were amazing through it all and very helpful! Our Guide was always so positive and kind that she made us feel better. She is truly a special person. Your company really puts the schools and students first. Truly a company with class and professionalism. We appreciate all that you and your company have done for Marymount throughout the years. ❤️”

  4. Ms. Sheehan

    I just want to thank everyone who made this trip happen for us. It was excellent and the students had a wonderful time. I also wanted to mentioned how impressed I was with our guide. He went above and beyond to make this a memorable experience for all students. He was engaged with the students and was full of energy. He had a way of bringing children who were shy and usually stayed behind the scenes, to become shinning leaders.

    Once again, we really enjoyed the trip, and will definitely be back using perspectives again!

  5. Teresa - YRDSB Teacher

    I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all the work you do in accommodating our students. I have personally been on two trips with Perspectives, and not only did I have a great time, but I felt that Perspectives went out of their way to make sure that everyone had a good time, that everyone was safe, and that everyone was happy. The same is true for this quote. I realize that it is not within the norm to ask for three quotes for one trip, but thank you for accommodating us and our grade 7 students. You really do go above and beyond.

  6. Christina, UGDSB

    The care and attention to our groups is outstanding from pre-trip, to while we are in St Donat and to afterwards. Thank-you so much. I am always very impressed. This personalized attention and care is so appreciated.

  7. persp_admin Post author

    “I just wanted to Thank You for all your help in supporting our daughter so she could come to Saint-Donat. She arrived home late on Saturday tired but full of many wonderful experiences. I asked her her favourite thing and she said the skating. She told us all about the many activities she was able to experience and I know we haven’t heard about everything yet. So much fun!!

    We appreciate you taking the time to make accommodations for her specific food needs. Trips like these teach us so much more then we ever expect. This was her first big trip away and her having to deal with her Celiacs and food intolerances provided so much learning. We are so happy she was able to go and enjoy herself!
    Sincerely, Deb”

  8. persp_admin Post author

    “I’m one of the teachers who was there with the group from The Country Day School last week. We had a fantastic time with your program – your organisation is simply amazing, and your staff are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. ” Mr. Fell

  9. VP - Upper Grand DSB

    I just wanted to reiterate what a pleasure it has been to work with you for the past 3 Grade 8 trips 🙂 Thank you for always taking the time to promptly answer our questions, and for the top notch customer service.

  10. Gyulia Borbely

    I attended a Perspectives trip to St-Donat about 22 years ago with my elementary school grade 7 class (Nesbitt School – Sudbury ON). To this day it is one of my most memorable experiences!!! We had a blast and learned an awful lot. I am happy to see that Perspectives is still offering this amazing experience. Wondering what ever happened to Patou our wacky coordinator (he was hilarious). Wishing him all the best wherever he is 🙂

    1. persp_admin Post author

      Thank you for your comment! It is always a joy to hear of the lasting impression the Saint-Donat experience makes.
      Patou was a wonderful coordinator! He has moved on in his career, ut have no fear we have many animated characters running our program still!
      If you would ever like to experience Saint-Donat again, please let us know.
      Thank you once again,

  11. Stephanee Walker-Jolly

    What an AMAZING trip!!! Alessia was the BEST guide!
    Our kids had a great time and won’t stop talking about it this morning!
    Thank you again, so very very much, for all of your help in planning this trip. I have recommended Perspectives to ALL of my colleagues.
    It really was awesome!

  12. Pattie Dupont

    Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter’s class on their trip to St. Donat. I wanted to let you know that your program was outstanding. I would highly recommend this field trip for all grade 7 and 8’s.
    Thank you
    Pattie Dupont

  13. Jeff Cambell

    To all the staff that were a part of our trip to L’Etoile Du Nord, St. Donat, and Mont Garceau a huge thank-you. Your hard work and dedication made this trip a most memorable one both for me, my daughter and all of the other chaperones, teachers and students. The enthusiasm shown towards the participants was remarkable and infectious. The range of experiences that were made available over such a short 4 days will ensure that nobody on those buses will ever forget the time they spent in your caring hands.

    Perspectives is an amazing program and I hope it never ends. Every student needs an experience like this in their school life.

    Once again, in recognition of your excellent work, a heartfelt thanks.

  14. Nolan – Parent Chaperone

    I am the father of a student who went on the trip to Montreal on the 16th of June. I was also a chaperone on that trip. I know the teachers sent a collective email extolling the virtues of our guide’s service and how great the trip was but I wanted to send my thoughts on the experience myself.

    I work out of town a lot and do not get to spend as much quality time with my son as I’d like to. Chaperoning this trip was going to give me a chance to make up for some of that by allowing me to share some cool experiences with him in a place we had both never been before. I am a well-traveled person. I have been to Europe, Australia and (for the most part) all across Canada That three day trip to Montreal through your company was one of the best travel experiences I have had in my life.

    The days were planned perfectly and our guide was … sharp, knowledgeable, funny, engaging, sincere, talented, passionate, aware, and, and, and… simply amazing. Our days were full of breathtaking places, brought to life by the guides we had. Our transitions from place to place were just as exciting as the places themselves. I will never forget the feeling I had walking down the streets of Montreal with our group and our guide at the front, crossing every street with his loud “let’s dooo it!” Seeing people smiling at us, looking back and seeing excited, smiling kids and looking down into my son’s eyes with pride and thankfulness.
    In every moment and during every experience our guide was around making sure we had no worries or issues – allowing us to soak up every bit of every experience there was to offer.

    I could go on about everything we did but I’ve talked to so many people about it in the days I’ve been back, I’m finally getting tired of hearing myself – lol

    Thank you for the hard work and dedication you put into your company and the experiences you offer your clients. My son and I will remember those three days together forever – it was truly epic.

  15. Theresa – Parent

    I was a parent chaperone who recently went on my son’s class trip to Kingston and Ottawa. There we met up with an energetic, enthusiastic tour guide, who made this trip so much fun for all that went. I cannot say enough positive comments about her. Any group that gets to have her knowledge about the area will be extremely lucky! She was able to make the information that she was giving fun, and not at all feeling like you were in school. Please send on my thanks to her for making this trip great, and wish her well in her future endeavours.

  16. Monique – Principal

    On behalf of the crew and students I would like to thank you for all your work and support… once again our students had a wonderful experience in St-Donat! Thank you! We are certainly going back next year!

  17. Christina – Curriculum Leader

    “Grand Merci” pour le séjour à St Donat. C’était vraiment super!

    As always, the staff was phenomenal, and the program was very well run. My colleagues and I are looking forward to returning next year.
    I appreciate the efforts to avoid English. The immersion experience is enhanced mille fois quand on n’entend que le français. Before the écologie workshop, I was asked if I wanted it tout en français ou en melange. J’apprécie cette question.

    We are always very impressed by the enthusiasm of the moniteurs and how they encourage students to get up on stage (le spectacle final), participate and have good old-fashioned fun in the outdoors.
    We very much look forward to seeing you again next year, at your new location.

  18. Denise & Pat, Hamilton, Ontario

    This is the best educational trip in which we have ever taken part. We strongly encourage every teacher seeking a meaningful French language experience for their students to book a Perspectives programme; there is nothing else to compare with it. You only have to experience it once to be convinced.

  19. Sacha – Teacher

    We just left our tour guide, with the funky hair. LoL We wanted to let you know to let his boss know that after many years doing this kind of trip he was 200% the best guide we have ever had (and we’ve been doing this for a long time!!!) Every teacher and parent on our trip agrees and the students just loves him.

    Not only was he personable, energetic, enthusiastic about his work, entertaining with little extras that made us feel welcome and entertained but he was very knowledgeable about the area and so much more! He was group aware and inclusive, respectful, polite and patient with every single person including little ducklings!

    He was professional and knew how to command a group in such a wonderful way that we honestly were blown away by his whole person! What a gem of a man!Please pass along the positive to him as well, he deserves to know how great we all thought he was. (This is a group collaboration email as we are on the bus heading home) Merci Mille fois

  20. Jane – Vice Principal

    We are so impressed with the Perspectives group as a whole. The trip ran so smoothly and the guide was perfect. The students had an amazing “fun” time as well as had an enriching educational experience. The days were full and when we got back to our hotel in the evening the kids were exhausted from their day and were very soon into their rooms and out for the night! The restaurant selections were great… just enough free time and the shopping was superb!

  21. Cathryn – Teacher

    It was the best trip ever!!! We had Christopher as our Tour Coordinator, he was the “cat’s meow”!!! We all loved every minute of the trip. It was a hoot!!! Everything was top notch. The Dance cruise was a huge success.
    Loved the beds at the hotel too. Thank you and Joanne for all y our hard work. The parents said it was the best holiday they had ever been on!

    George our bus driver was once again top notch. We had him last year too for Quebec City.

    Your prices and customer service were second to none. Perspectives is 100 percent Canadian and we should support you.

  22. Janine – Teacher

    I want to take a moment to thank you once again for the outstanding experience you provided for all of our students, but especially for our little guy who has cerebral palsy. You truly went above and beyond to ensure that his time in Saint-Donat was fun, inclusive and unforgettable.

    Although we did not intend for him to participate in the cross-country skiing, he was determined to give it a try and I am thrilled to say that he had great success! Mel stayed back with him on the trail and was without a doubt, a key factor in his overall success with this activity. He was so patient and encouraging with him, insisting that we teachers ski ahead and enjoy our time on the trail. He was so proud to have cross-country skied just like everyone else and the smile on his face at the end tells me he has a great time. Please pass along my sincere thanks to Mel!

    At Mont-Garceau, the CADS instructors were incredible! I don’t think I have ever seen our student smile as big as he did when he came into the chalet after tackling the chairlift and the big hill for the first time. The instructor had nothing but positive things to say about all the progress he had made, commenting that he was a “superstar” and a “natural”. I’m certain that our student was walking just a little bit taller for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for organizing this private lesson! Skiing is such a big part of the Saint-Donat experience and I am so, so happy that he was able to take part and feel successful.

    These are just a couple of examples of the big moments for one student at Saint-Donat, but you really do run a fantastic program for all students. Thank you for everything you do!

  23. Cathryn – Teacher

    I am booking with you because of your outstanding service last year and your aid in solving many problems, especially last minute, with grace and style. I have recommended you to other schools as being easy to deal with and not nickel and diming over small details.

  24. Rebecca – Parent

    To the organizing teachers, Principal and Superintendent,
    I wanted to write this note to thank you for the opportunity to share in the school trip to St. Donat. My son and I had a WONDERFUL time! How great is it that a school enables their students to participate in such a fantastic cultural experience. I truly hope this is something that students over the upcoming years have the opportunity to participate in.

    As a parent who was able to observe first hand, I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions about this trip with you. An experience like this enables the children to grow and develop on several levels.

    First, immersion in the French language and culture was evident. Everything was predominantly in French. However, the townspeople, the ski instructors and the Perspectives representatives ensured understanding by gearing their speech according to their grade level. They would ask the children what they were saying in English to verify cognition and they physically acted out their instructions to again solidify engagement. All 60 kids were engaged, focused and trying their best to understand what was being communicated to them. The Perspectives team was able to accomplish this by keeping it fun and energizing. I saw so many students trying to expand their vocabulary and communicate with each other and their tem leads in French. Even my son was asking me how to say things in French so he could ask the shop owners something.

    Secondly, children were able to engage in physical activity. This is so important in an age where more and more kids are playing video games and actively participating in sports. All of the kids did not touch an electronic devise for 3 days and had the time of their life—from skiing, snowshoeing, skating and participating in outdoor games. Those devices weren’t missed in the slightest. I could see how valuable it was for a lot of those kids to experience new sports and physically engaged!

    Lastly, children found not only a connection with other kids from their school, but also a connection to themselves. So many of the quiet children came out of their shell to participate in games, show their talents or play a leadership role in some of the activities they engaged in. Self-confidence is such a wonderful gift to be able to give a child! Also having the grade 6’s and 7’s together, allowed them to make new friendships and recognize another face in the school crowd.

    As for Perspectives, what an amazing organization. They were professional, organized and engaging. All of their staff was exceptional at what they do. I would not have believed it was possible to hold 60 children to a minute by minute schedule, each and every day. They were always willing to assist the children, answer any questions they may have and teach them something new. They even took the time to share their talents in music by allowing the children to sing and record a French song, keep a beat on the drums and play a ditty with the spoons. I was so impressed by all they did and had to offer.

    The kids also deserve a mention of praise for their excellent behaviour and manners. All of those children conducted themselves in a positive light and were a joy to be around. As a parent, they were appreciative of the help and were always polite. I took such pleasure in seeing them accomplish something different and learn something new. There was a lot of “I know what that says/means”, “I did it” and “I can’t wait to try that again”. This is a trip they are not soon to forget.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. Penny – Parent

    I would like to thank you and the whole Perspectives team for the wonderful trip that my daughter and I had. She really enjoyed the food, and I appreciated how accommodating and friendly the staff were with her allergies.

    I was happy to be able to focus on the trip itself, and not have to worry about her being hungry, or having a reaction to something that she did eat.
    Thank you again. I had a wonderful time when I was in Grade 8 at St. Donat, and my daughter was able to have a wonderful trip this year.
    Keep up the great work!

  26. David – Parent

    I am writing to you to thank you for providing the opportunity to accompany my son during his trip to St. Donat. This was very helpful to my son and having me beside him was very reassuring for him.

    When I decided to join this trip, I could not imagine that I will have fun. Actually this trip was a very valuable experience for me as well as my son. The trip was well organized and educational. The Perspectives personnel and school staff provided a calm, secure and nurturing environment for kids.

    Everything was well arranged from food to different activities. As a parent I encourage all parents to send their children to this trip in the future to benefit from this service. I strongly suggest selecting Perspectives for future trips.

  27. Nancy – Teacher

    Thank you to everyone at St. Donat for the wonderful experience that you provided to our students! The children are still talking about how much fun they had. We are in parent-teacher interviews right now and all parents are telling us that their children had a wonderful time! Please save the date for our trip next year! Mark, was a “new” staff on the trip. His comment was that you have the best leaders that he has ever seen on a trip.

    Their talent, their passion for kids, and their enthusiasm are what makes this experience for our students so amazing. Thank you for balancing the needs of all the schools that come your way!

  28. Marie-Pier – Teacher

    Nous avons fait un merveilleux voyage, une très belle journée!! Robert, notre guide était absolument fantastique! Merci!

    Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec toi au cours des 6 dernières années, j’ai toujours eu un service impeccable et professionnel. Je n’hésiterai pas à donner le nom de l’entreprise en référence auprès mes collègues.

  29. Angela

    To all those that participated in organizing our trip to Montreal this year, I would like to send out a big thank you for all of your efforts in making this trip a success.
    Our bus driver was fantastic! He was knowledgeable, easy to talk to and the kids loved his sense of humor. He had our best interest in mind, was professional and reliable throughout the entire tip. He was flexible, accommodating and I couldn’t have asked for a better driver!

    Our tour guide was phenomenal!! He definitely made the trip memorable and fun! He was knowledgeable, kept the students entertained and went out of his way to make sure everything was going according to plan. He was constantly confirming our reservations and checking up on the kids to ensure they were having a good time. A tour guide can definitely make or break a trip, and he is a big part of what made the trip successful! The student cannot stop talking about him!

    Thank you so much… the students and I really appreciate everything!

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