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  • The Museum of Illusions in Toronto

    The Museum of Illusions in Toronto

    Dani and I recently visited the Museum of Illusions in Toronto. It just opened in November 2018. It has a pretty good range of different illusions. There are the simple posters, handheld and also large puzzles, as well as full room illusions like you see here. All illusions have an information plaque…

  • Why it is important to learn French in Canada

    Why it is important to learn French in Canada

    I am privileged to be a Canadian. Everybody says Canada is a great place to live. I want to be proud to be a Canadian. Canada is a mosaic of cultures. People come from all over the world to live here. While each person becomes a Canadian, they are still…

  • St Donat Ski Trip

    Annual Trip to St Donat a Great Success

    French Trip to St Donat, Quebec – February 12-15, 2017 The seventh annual trip to St Donat, Quebec took place this week from February 12-15. Forty-eight high school students took part in this unique immersion experience. The students represented 6 different schools: Centennial CVI, Erin DHS, Guelph CVI, Orangeville DSS,…

  • Sudbury

    More Fun Coming Your Way!

    Stay tuned as we share some great articles about who we are, our travel experiences and some helpful travel tips for students and parents!

  • Tadoussac - GREMM

    Welcome to our Blog

    Here at perspectives we are constantly working hard and planning our next adventures with you! In the meantime we will be writing some posts for you to enjoy.