A Couple months ago, Penny, Bryan and Dani went to Midland, Ontario to check out some of the activities available there for our student tours.

S.S. Keewatin

First thing they got to see was the SS Keewatin, the Titanic’s five-years-older sister, built for carrying passengers and goods around the Great Lakes. She no longer moves from her dock, but has been turned into a museum and many of her rooms have been staged as if they were about to set sail!


Ste Marie Among The Hurons

Next they saw Ste Marie Among the Hurons, where they felt like they were traveling back in time to the 17th century when Jesuit missionaries first stepped foot in the land of the Huron-Wendat people and began to live among them in the hopes of converting them to Christianity. All the buildings in the community have been recreated to be as historically accurate as possible and guides are in character as if you were there at that time! Activities include quill pen writing, clay oki making, fire starting demonstrations, and music, to name a few. Across the street was the Martyr’s Shrine, which honours Jesuits who were killed during their work there. Some of their bones, or relics, are on display in the church.

Wye Marsh

Cross the street again and you’re at Wye Marsh, a nature reserve, where you can feed chickadees! Those little birds know to expect seeds and are quite willing to take them right out of our open hands. Lots of fun and a really neat experience–for kids and adults alike! There is also fully accessible boardwalk and plenty of other birds and wildlife to see. They even saw some of Okedou’s cousins!


Finally,They also checked out the Quest Art School and Gallery in downtown Midland, where they have a variety of crafty and artful workshops for students led by professional artists in a bright and inspiring workspace.

All in all, it was a packed day with plenty to see and do. We’re excited to share it with our student groups! If you’re interested in your own visit–whether overnight or single day–to Midland, Ontario, please do not hesitate to contact Perspectives!