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Packing checklists and info

Information about Manulife insurance coverage

Perspectives offers all of our clients the option to purchase travel insurance through Manulife. This is an opportunity to protect your loved ones should an emergency arise before or during the trip. The following document outlines some of the frequently asked questions that our clients have had in the past Manulife World Youth Policy EN | FR . You may also contact Manulife directly at 1-877-COVER-ME (1-877-268-3763) for customer service. They will be able to assist you with your questions.
For all other questions, please contact us at 1-800-718-1785. We would be pleased to help!

Perspectives 30th Anniversary Celebration Draws Terms & Conditions

  • Perspectives 30th Anniversary Celebration Draws are:
    • a. 10 Draws of $300 in School Trip Credits for a 2018/2019 school year.
    • b. 30 Draws of $100 in Individual Participant Trip Credits for a 2018/2019 school year trip.
  • Perspectives Celebrations Draws are only valid in Ontario. Eligible Schools and Trip Participants must be from schools within the province of Ontario
  • No entry is required. All Schools who have booked a trip and all individual trip participants registered for 2018/2019 school year trips in Perspectives Registration System (or submitted via Perspectives hardcopy registration form) are automatically entered.
  • Schools and Trip Participant Names must be in the Perspectives on-line Registration System or submitted via hardcopy trip registration forms to be eligible.
  • Odds of Winning are dependent on the number of entries
  • Draws:
    • Monthly draws will take place for one $300 School Trip Credit and three $100 Individual Participant Trip Credits
    • Draws will take place
      • i. For Fall & Winter Trips taking place before April 15th, 2019
        • 1. September 17, 2018
        • 2. October 15, 2018
        • 3. November 15, 2018
        • 4. December 17, 2018
      • ii. For Spring Trips taking place between April 16th & June 30th 2019
        • 1. January 15, 2019
        • 2. February 15, 2019
        • 3. March 15, 2019
        • 4. April 15, 2019
      • Two Bonus Draws will be held. Each bonus draw will be for one $300 School Trip Credit and three $100 Individual Participant Trip Credits
        • 1. December 17, 2018
        • 2. April 15, 2019
    • Winners will be notified by Email
      • a. Winning Participants will be notified by email along with the Trip Organizer
      • b. Winning Schools will be notified by email to the Trip Organizer
    • Winners will be published on Perspectives Website
      • a. Winning Schools will have their Name Published
      • b. Winning Participants will have “Student at NAME OF SCHOOL” published. No individual trip participant first & surname name will be published.
      • c. Full List of winners is available upon request and with the permission of the winners
    • Winnings are Trip Credits and have no cash value
      • a. Trip Credits cannot be redeemed for cash
      • b. Maximum Individual Trip Credit Value is $100
      • c. Maximum School Trip Credit Value is $300
    • Winning Trip Credits are non-transferrable
    • Winning Trip Credits must be applied to a tour in the 2018/2019 school year
    • If a trip is cancelled or a participant cancels from a trip for any reason the Trip Credits will be forfeited at Perspectives discretion.
    • If at the time of winning the participant or school has paid in full. A credit in the amount of the winning Trip Credits will be issued to the original payment source
    • Draws will be managed by a computerized random selection tool