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Perspectives Team Profile-Meet Becky Barcauskas

Perspectives Team Profile-Meet Becky Barcauskas

Perspectives Becky

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Perspectives = Integrity, Dependability and Commitment!

Teamwork is everything and our staff at Perspectives really do make a difference. Meet Becky Barcauskas Sales Associate for Southwestern Ontario English boards, as well as French first-language Boards in that area.

We asked Becky to share a few highlights of her favourite memories and experiences.

How long have you been with Perspectives?

Becky: As a teacher, I started travelling with Perspectives at its inception, taking school groups to Saint-Donat, Montréal, Québec and Tadoussac for over twenty years. I have now been working as a sales rep for Perspectives for the last ten years, as well as occasionally guiding groups when a bilingual guide is requested.

Your favourite memory?

Becky: It has to be seeing students’ enthusiasm in Saint-Donat when they realize that they can actually communicate in French. Watching them develop confidence during their stay is so rewarding. Their excitement is contagious! I had several students who returned every year for four years straight.

What can you share about the experiences that students/teachers/ parents will have when they book with Perspectives?

Becky: The reason I began working with Perspectives was because of my past experiences as a trip organizer and because of the integrity of their programs. I knew first-hand how valuable these trips were for my students, not only by enriching the curriculum but also by encouraging lifelong learning through the understanding and appreciation of other cultures and languages. Teachers and parents can be confident that the Perspectives team will organize and create a relevant, personalized trip that more than meets their expectations. The pre-trip presentations for parents and students, and the ability to register and pay online, further facilitate the preparation process.

As a part of the Perspectives team what would like to highlight?

Becky: We aspire to provide the very best educational and cultural experiences for our clients. For me personally, Perspectives = Integrity, Dependability and Commitment!