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Perspectives Team Profile- Meet Bryan Edgeley

Perspectives Team Profile- Meet Bryan Edgeley

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Bryan Edgeley is a Sales Associate with Perspectives, he shares his experiences and memories being part of our team

Meet Bryan Edgeley

Perspectives truly treats its employees and clients like family.  When I visited Saint-Donat last winter, the president of the company, Clare Linton, and educational consultant, Mel Shea, found time to fit in a little bit of cross-country skiing. Fast forward a few months, and a number of Perspectives staff travelled a long way to attend my wedding.

Whether I’m in Saint-Donat to visit our French language and outdoor education program, in one of our destinations for our annual meetings, or anywhere else that my role takes me, when I’m with staff from Perspectives, it feels like home. This culture extends to everything that we do for the school staff and families that we serve.

Team Perspective sharing a few dances and celebrating at Bryan and his wife Kat’s wedding.