At Perspectives, we have incredible team members who run our educational tours and programs! Meet sales representative Dani Zehr. We asked Dani to share a few highlights of her favourite memories and experiences.

What is your favourite memory?

Dani: I guided a tour in Ottawa with a high school group who came up during Winterlude in 2013. Thanks to the group’s age and smaller size, we were able to do some extra things that weren’t on the itinerary, like checking out “A Tribe Called Red” playing at the closing ceremonies in front of city hall. It was a particularly fun and high-energy trip, and they called me Smiley!

What can you share about the experiences that students/teachers/ parents will have when they book  their educational tours with Perspectives?
Dani: A big takeaway I’ve learned and experienced at Perspectives is about connection: Students will learn about their own ties to Canada and its history as well as discovering new ways of relating to their classmates and teachers outside a classroom setting; Teachers will feel a more personal and human level of customer service when organizing a trip through us—they are not just another school on a trip milled by a corporation; And parents will have the confidence that Perspectives has the wellbeing of their child at heart, because Perspectives is not just a family-owned business, it is itself a family.

Anything you would like to highlight?
In the words of Dave from the Vinyl Café, “We may not be big, but we’re small.” Every school will feel like a priority!

Photos below then and now: Dani in 2002 great 8 graduation trip to Quebec City.  

Now: Dani is St.Donat March 2019. Her perfected arm pose!