For perhaps all of us in Ontario, Fall appears to be officially here! And with the coming of Fall, of course I get to thinking that Winter is just around the corner—for better or for worse.

Since I like to think on the bright side, I can think of one “better” in particular: Perspectives’ Saint-Donat program, of course!

Having worked with Perspectives since 2010 as a Destination Trip Guide, for nine years I did not yet have the pleasure of experiencing Saint-Donat, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear about it! I worked with many schools and teachers over the years who would mention how much they loved it, and colleagues would describe it to me as an amazing all-encompassing experience for students. Still, when I went myself last year, I finally understood!

It’s hard to describe what exactly it is about Saint-Donat that sticks with you, but I have a feeling that it’s the same thing that makes summer camp so memorable:

It’s experiencing and trying new things from morning til night that you just cannot replicate back home.

It’s the unending energy of the counsellors and moniteurs, and you just can’t help but feel excited too.

It’s the way that you interact with your friends in a new environment.

It’s getting to spend time outdoors when we really don’t do that enough anymore.

And in Saint-Donat, it’s the seamless immersion in a French language and Quebecois culture, which, in my—and I bet in nearly everyone else who has experienced it—opinion, makes for an unbeatable experience.

As Fall inevitably becomes Winter, I wonder how many out there are remembering their time in Saint-Donat, and how many others are looking forward it this coming season. I know I personally fall into both categories! How about you?

Written By: Danielle Zehr