Top 5 Benefits to Using our Online Booking System – Teacher & Administrator Edition

  1. All trip-related documents are available 24/7 in the same folder.No more searching!
  2. Payments can be made by parents/guardians directly through the system and can be monitored 24/7 by the trip organizer. No more collecting money or creating documents to track payments!
  3. Trip organizers can use the “Email All Participants” function to reach out to only those participating in the trip. No more sending letters home for any last-minute notes!
  4. With parents/guardians creating an online profile for their students attending the trip, any health or dietary restrictions can be communicated directly to Perspectives during this process. No more sending lists of participants along with any special instructions!
  5. Within their online account, parents/guardians have 24/7 access to any trip-related documents so most questions can be resolved without contacting the teacher. Fewer emails and calls to return!